Radio Fango FM: download puntata di giovedì 29 settembre 2011

Playlist giovedì 29 settembre 2011 - (dalle 22:00 alle 23:00)
per frequenze FM e streaming: www.radiondadurto.org

EXTORTION (from "get fucked" 5" on RSR Rec.)
FUCK ON THE BEACH (from "eat em all" LP on RSR Rec.)
UNDERGROUND RAILROAD TO CANDYLAND (from "know your sins" LP on Recess Rec.)
THE END OF SIX THOUSAND YEARS (song from upcoming LP - free download here )
WEEKEND NACHOS (from "black earth" 7" on A389 Rec.)
RVIVR (from "dirty water" on Yo-Yo Rec.)
APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT (from split 7" w/ Oi Polloi on Profane Existence Rec.)
OI POLLOI (from split 7" w/ Appalachian Terror Unit on Profane Existence Rec.)
CANNABIS CORPSE (from "beneath grow lights thous shalt rise" LP on Trankcrimes Rec.)
ALPINIST (from split LP w/ Masakari on Alerta Antifascista Rec. / Halo Of Flies Rec.)
MASAKARI (from split LP w/ Alpinist on Alerta Antifascista Rec. / Halo Of Flies Rec.)
ARCTIC FLOWERS (from "reveries" LP on Inimical Rec.)
PUNCH (from "nothing lasts" 7" on Deathwish Rec.)
NINELEVENJUMPERS (from "mind the gap" demo - free download here )

photo: Alpinist