RADIO FANGO FM: BEST 2016 RELEASES - radioshow + complete list

So here we are, it was a very busy fucked up year but now that's gone, it's time to unleash the usual


This year we even prepared a special broadcast with some of the records (unfortunately not all records could fit the 1 hour slot) that made this list.

Here it is (for detailed playlist, check the mixcloud link):



In my opinion, Magrudergrind is one of the very best today's (and not only) grindcore bands around. Menacing, pulverizing grindcore with awesome songwriting, variety and immediacy topped with political lyrics. This is what grindcore should be and this band is over the top on every aspect, not to mention their furious and devastating live gigs. Fukken good stuff here.

NAILS - you will never be one of us LP (Nuclear Blast)
A pure total aural assault! Fueled with speed, rage, stomping rhythm, this new album is like a storm of punches in your face. Seriously, this record is a total ripper.

SEX PRISONER - tannhauser gate LP (Deep Six)
Yes, yes, yes and so fuckin yes. They're back. In full form. After three years of waiting they finally graced us with one of the best power violence album you will hear in a while. Top notch brutality with some slight innovation here and there that really put this record on top of my list. FUKK YES!

WEEKEND NACHOS - apology (LP Deep Six // CD Relapse / Cosmic Note // CS Toxicbreed's Funhouse)
Farewell album from the masters of modern power violence. Ironically named "Apology" this may happen to be the testament of a band that blasted our ears for over a decade releasing one masterpiece after another. Although it's really sad they quit, I always love when bands know when to stop and if they do this way... Well... Fuck yeah!

WHITE LUNG - paradise LP (Domino)
Best post punk band around. This band improve at every single release. Every single album got its style still sounding unique as they are. Absolutely gorgeous stuff!

RENDEZ-VOUS - distance LP (Avant!)
Amazing synth post punk dark wave from Paris, France. A beautiful collection of wonderful tunes perfectly crafted and catchy. Brought to us by the almighty Italian label Avant! Records. Check out their catalogue to discover a shitload of amazing post punk releases.

WOLF DOWN - incite and conspire LP (End Hits)
A beatdown record you can mosh and sing to without feeling guilty. As you know this genre is generally full of some predictable bands with awful attitude and dumb as fuck lyrics. On the contrary this anarchist combo unleash venomous political anthemic songs about animal liberation and activism that really fulfill your anger. They will make you feeling like you immediately wish to start a riot.

SEMPRE PEGGIO - s/t EP (Bandcamp)
Maybe the most talked band of the year. This band's members are three well known hardcore veterans from our area (Milan, Italy) who were capable to gain immediate attention with their energetic well played Oi! with political lyrics and a good dose of irony... They headlined their very first show, toured everywhere in the country, released this awesome EP and already recorded their first LP which will be out in January 2017. Get this slab right now!

DAUGHTER - not to disappear LP (4AD)
Ok we may be a little bit off topic here, since this is generally labeled as an indie band, but this was actually on top of my listenings for the whole year and it doesn't seem to get away from my player. Superb depressing music on one of the greatest labels on this miserable planet...

FAMINE - razzin' LP (Attention Deficit Grindcore Disorder / Here And Now! / Dead Heroes / Vleesklak)
After a very good 7", these UK's maniacs over exceeded any good expectation with this bombastin', groovin', amazing platter of grindcore / power violence awesomeness. Great songwriting and bulldozing sound!

ENDLESS SWARM / GETS WORSE - split 7" (Mind Ripper Collective / Here And Now)
Even if you already know how much both bands rip in the power violence genre, you will probably be surprised by listening this new slab which represents (at least for me) an high improvement for both bands. They both deliver top tracks with killer recordings. U.K. is making a name for being the new power violence homeland and these bands are on top of this incredible UKPV wave...

CINDERBLOCK - s/t LP (Brain Solvent Propaganda)
We all know these latest two years have marked a strong Oi! renaissance in the do it yourself punk scene. In all the good bands that are spreading the virus, Cinderblock are absolutely my favorite. Immediately catchy with distinct voice and anarchist attitude, this album is full of anthems and you should check it right now... and then, how can you resist a band capable of releasing an EP full of covers of some of your favorite crust bands tinged with the Oi! treatment? Check out their Bandcamp and blink your eyes! In the meantime dont' miss the following masterpiace!

HARM DONE - abuse / abused LP (Straight And Alert)
Alexxxis, the mastermind behind the great French label Straight And Alert, unleashed the first album of his impressive hardcore power violence assaulting band. FFO Nails, Infest, Sex Prisoner etc. Fucken good! Too bad I missed their live gig... Everyone told me they ripped.

GAZM - menace to tha earth EP (Bandcamp)
"Fuck you, and you and you!" and they immediately got me. Menacing punk from Montreal. 7" will be pressed in 2017 by Byllepest Distro and I honestly can't wait in having this punk gem in my hands.

VICTIMS - sirens LP (Tankcrimes)
Seriously this band never stops to improve and surprise. This new album may be the perfect bridge to crust and darkness. It's just like they've been influenced by post punk darkness without sounding post punk. Just darkness, anger and depression. You may need to listen it a couple of times before getting into it but after that you will totally embrace it. Chapeau to these Swedish masters.

SLOUCH - toxic bitch EP (Ditches)
Top female fronted hardcore punk d-beat band from Olympia fueled with anger and passion. Greatest debut of the year...

INSIDIOUS PROCESS - mirrors of the dead LP (Not Enough / Distro Rakkos / Acclaim / Svoboda)
Sweden political female fronted thrash crust hardcore assault. Reminds at times Nausea / Sacrilege stuff... Love it.

JACK - neurozis LP (Uterus Productions / Vleesklak / Give Praise / Here And Now!)
Supreme grindcore massacre from Hungary. Total blast.

DESTROY JUDAS - forever like stars... we shrine (I II III) LP
Beauty in sadness. An epic journey in neo crust desolate atmospheres. Simply amazing.

SAVAGE / M.P.G. - split 7" (Grindpromotion)
I checked this split mostly because it was released by the fine label Grindpromotion. SAVAGE was a new band to me (what a shame) and they get me immediately with their old school power violence. Immediately after a first few listens I checked their previous releases because they really destroy. And you may imagine how much I was pleased to know that this band is made of Capitalist Casualties and Catheter members... Another great savage band from this long running grind power violence veterans. Hell Yeah! On the other side we find M.P.G. which is a perfect companion for this split, offering a good dose of very good grinding power violence.

CONTRA // HISTORIA - caminando sobre las ruinas de la naturaleza
There are many reasons why this Mexican band made this list. And all these reasons are utterly punk. Not only they appear to be firmly political anarcho punk but they also managed to put out an album which ranges from great crust tunes to more melodic anarcho punk greatness. The closing track "Ataca" is a song that I can't really resist of singing along. Unfortunately I didn't find any press information about this release. Still I don't know if there's any vinyl release. If so, please drop me a line because I really would like to have this one on a physical format (no, not on CD thanx...)

ACxDC - postcard flexi 5" (To Live A Lie) + split 7" w/Disparo (Here And Now! / Noisebleed) + split 5" w/Chiens (Regurgitated Semen) + The Oracles Of Death EP 
The other sad "goodbye to the scene" of the year is the one given by the pulverizing combo called ACxDC aka Antrichrist Demoncore. Knowing how much they love to make fun of everybody and everything, I just hope they're kidding. Anyway this year they pleased us with a firestorm of releases pressed in some great and at times unusual formats. ACxDC is pure destruction. Love them or hate them, they will be sorely missed.

KLOUT - five track 7" (Not For You / Hardware)
Florida's snotty hardcore punk in your face. Instant tunes ready to bang your head. Every time a demo is put on vinyl by some great labels, you know that record is a ripper and this one is no exception.

GOOD THROB - s/t 7" (La Vida Es Un Mus)
La Vida Es Un Mus Records never fail a record. Every year it delivers an incredible amount of awesome diy punk bands through their unstoppable pressing plant. Good Throb are also from London and are queens and kings of weirdo hardcore punk capable of writing instant cult songs. So good...

PHANTOM WINTER - sundown pleasures LP (Golden Antenna)
Storming sulphuric blackened post metal that get you immediately. A record that you wish to listen again and again and again and again and again and again...

CREATIVE ADULT - fear of life LP (Run For Cover)
San Francisco great post goth punk pleasure... A perfect record. Don't miss this one!

SARABANTE - poisonous legacy LP (Southern Lord)
We knew this Greek d-beat crust band was damn good immediately after listening their first LP. In fact Southern Lord didn't miss the chance to get this band in its rooster. Dark apocalyptic crust d-beat for the punx.

RIPCORD - 1988 in 2016 7" (Raging)
There are reunion and reunion. Those who come back just looking for some old forgotten memories or just in search of some (easy) cash and those for the love of music. What generally distinguish good come back from fake shitty reunions are the quality and the attitude of the people on the stage. And this is definitely the case considering the fact that this old fellas never quit their punk hardcore scene delivering some kick ass bands through the decades such as Violent Arrest, Dumbstruck, Cracked Cop Skulls, Extinction Of Mankind and Spite to name a few (and not to forget their early days contemporaries as Heresy, Doom, Filthkick and Prophecy Of Doom). Active from 84 to 88, they just come back this winter for some kick ass gigs. After years of represses of their whole discography, here's three new songs in this ltd 300 copies one sided 7". (Please do a re-press... pleaseeeeee).

TOUCHE' AMORE' - stage four LP (Epitaph)
Every year I complain why I didn't put this or that record in my end of the year list... I tragically always forget some great records and I generally remember those albums when it's too late... Since few days are passed from this list's release and since this album is still high in my player I couldn't resist in adding this emo punk gem. If you're looking for beautiful, perfectly written songs be sure to check this awesome new album from Touché Amoré. It's gorgeous.

WRECK AND REFERENCE - indifferent rivers romance end LP (Flenser)
Release after release this experimental duo from Las Angeles goes deeper and deeper into anguish and depression. Desperate music for fucked up days like these...

KHAN - like rain EP (Bandcamp)
Very promising crusty darkcore from Québec. A very interesting EP with five great and varied tunes. It surprises me this slab wasn't released on vinyl yet (at least as far as I know...).

WORMROT - voices LP (Earache)
Singapore's Wormrot return to grind everything after almost 5 years of apparent hiatus. This record is a brilliant journey into old school grindcore played at maniacal speed, with stomping groves and most of all a shitload of originality. Seriously this is a grindcore masterpiece that it should not be missed. Let's fuckin grind!

VVORSE - nakyia helvestista EP (Bandcamp)
Very very good and interesting neocrust from Finland.

BEACH SLANG - a loud bash of teenage feelings LP (Polyvinyl)
This record popped out in my radio's listening list at the very exact moment I needed it. Some very good indie punk with great songwriting and emotive feeling...

ART OF BURNING WATER - between life and nowhere LP (Bigout / SuperFi / Sleeping Giant)
This is an absolute destroyer of pulverizing crusty blackened hardcore from U.K. Kick ass songwriting, maniacal voice and hammers in the face. Very good indeed...

AMYGDALA - population control LP 
Very good political fem fronted crust punk. Anthemic release with blasting tracks to help you smash patriarchy. Get it now!


Radio Fango FM - 15th December 2016 - streaming link

- Streaming link:

- Photo: Chepang
- Playlist:
WOUND MAN - rolled 7" on Iron Lung
CASKET GARDEN - the world against itself EP on Bandcamp
CHEPANG - lathi charge 7" on Nerve Altar
RUINA - demo on Bandcamp
GOOLAGOON - life of crime EP on Bandcamp
MIRROR - universal dismay EP on Bandcamp
PISS - stuck in the gutter CS
BOLT STEIN - rebirth of humanity / into the smile zone 1998-2012 CD on Regurgitated Semen
GLUERASH - uk tour tape 2016 CS
MAGNUM FORCE - hood crimes 8"
MUTABO - split LP w/Hellexist on Zas! / Anomie / Angry Voice / Neanderthal Stench
CRUZ - culto abismal 12" on Sentient Ruin Laboratories / To The Death
MARTYRDOD - list LP on Southern Lord
BEACH SLANG - a loud bash of teenage feelings LP on Polyvinyl
GLI ALTRI - prati, ombre, monoliti LP on Dreamingorilla / Smartz / Taxi Driver / Annoying / Dingleberry / Rubaiyat / Screamore / Strigide
WORST DAYS - separation anxiety 7" on Riotous Outburst
GEWALTBEREIT - ein leben lang verreckt 12" on Abfall
RUINAS - s/t on Bandcamp
OBEDIENCE - demo 2016 CS
BOSSIK - audio noir on Bandcamp


RADIO FANGO FM is an Italian based radio show mainly focused on Punk, Hardcore, Grindcore, Crust, D-Beat, Power Violence, Fastcore, Sludge, Post Punk and Post Hardcore.


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Radio Fango FM - 8th December 2016 - streaming link

- Streaming link:

- Photo: Ripcord
- Playlist:
CAREER SUICIDE – machine response 7” on Career Suicide
EXTINCTEXIST – cursed earth LP on Ruin Nation / Aborted Society
ZEIT – monument 12” on Assurd / Cave Canem Diy / Dingleberry / Dischi Berviti / Epidemic / Icore / Indelerium / Rip Roaring Shit Storm / Shove / Tanato
WARPATH – oblio LP on Distrozione / Gustosissimo / Heresy Rex / Dogs From Hell / Akaip / Peretta Core / Senza Sonno Libere Autoproduzioni
RIPCORD – 1988 in 2016 7” on Raging
OMEGAS – power to exist LP on Beach Impediment
RUINED FAMILIES – education LP on Adagio830
SICK/TIRED – split LP w/Triac on To Live A Lie / Psycho Control
AMENAZAS – one sided flexi 7”
LACE – my mask is off CS
THE AGNES CIRCLE – some vague desire LP on Avant!
AGGRESSION PACT – ensnared 7”
DROWSE – s/t 7” on Knife Vision
AKIRA – dis.as.sem.ble EP on Bandcamp
HUMAN HOST BODY – split 12” w/Storm Of Sedition
HARDA UT – demo on Bandcamp
WORLD HATER – make it stop EP on Bandcamp
LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS – huff my sack LP on La Vida Es Un Mus / Anti Fade
OBLIGASI – s/t EP on Bandcamp
VEXX – wild hunt 12” on M'lady's / Upset! The Rhythm
BOOM – boom the world 7”
BAD MANIFEST – s/t 7” on Quality Control HQ / Reagent
KALEIDOSCOPE – vol. 2 no. 1 7”
VVORSE – nakyja helvetista EP on Bandcamp


RADIO FANGO FM is an Italian based radio show mainly focused on Punk, Hardcore, Grindcore, Crust, D-Beat, Power Violence, Fastcore, Sludge, Post Punk and Post Hardcore.


Follow us ON AIR:
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Radio Fango FM - 1st December 2016 - streaming link

- Streaming link:

- Photo: Scab Eater
- Playlist:
FURY - paramount LP on Triple B
HOMEWRECKER - extinction by design EP on Good Fight Music
NUEVO ORDEN - demo on Bandcamp
MAAGZUUR - s/t EP on Bandcamp
LIFE IS HATE - life is fucking hate (track) on Bandcamp
DEATH CHURCH - flexi II 7"
HOLDER'S SCAR - public acid promo CS
HARAM - (what do you see?) 7" on Toxic State
SCARE TACTIC - demo 2016 on Bandcamp
SCAB EATER - mind trench 7" on Hardcore Victim
BIB - pop 7" on Deranged
SECTS - in the sky EP on Bandcamp
EXOTICA - musique exotique #01 7" on La Vida Es Un Mus
KORP - haxxkang 2 on Bandcamp
NORTHWOODS - s/t 12" on Uà Dischi
POSTMAN - ideal american EP on Bandcamp
OAF - E.C. on Bandcamp
PRIMITIVE LIFE - running wild 7" on Inge's Revenge / Backbite
R.O.B.O. - todo se derrumba LP on Beat Generation / Blondes Must Die
MOSSAT - II CS on Rising Nemesis
UGLY SHADOWS - kids of tomorrow 7" on Dark Liquid
BUTRON - el legado de la barbarie LP on Kremon / Allau
ROOM 101 - the endless drip CS
VOIDFILLER - s/t LP on Not Enough / Breeding For Extinction / Deviance / Neanderthal-Stench / Phobia / Profane Existence / Ruin Nation / Scream
CHOKE - left with nothing CD
CARRIED AWAY - common case on Bandcamp
BEATRIZ CARNICERO - el resto EP on Bandcamp
SIDETRACKED - emerge unscathed CD on Problems They Persist
FLUMMOX - s/t 8" on Noise Lathe Terror


RADIO FANGO FM is an Italian based radio show mainly focused on Punk, Hardcore, Grindcore, Crust, D-Beat, Power Violence, Fastcore, Sludge, Post Punk and Post Hardcore.


Follow us ON AIR:
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