FANGO (Radio Onda D'urto) playlist giovedì 30 dicembre!

Playlist giovedì 30 dicembre 2010 - dalle 22:00 alle 23:00
per frequenze FM e streaming: www.radiondadurto.org

TERROR FIRMER (from split 7" w/ Minkions on Audio Lesion Rec.)
MINKIONS (from split LP with Voetsek and Barbatos on Break The Chain Rec.)
YOU SUCK! (from 7" on Godezza Rec.)
VILE GASH (from 7" on Youth Attack Rec.)
AEOROSOLS (from LP on Youth Attack Rec.)
GRINNING DEATH'S HEAD (from LP on Youth Attack Rec.)
RAW NERVE (from LP on Youth Attack Rec.)
SEXDROME (from LP on Youth Attack Rec.)
TOXIC HOLOCAUST (Inepsy cover from split 7" w/ Inepsy on Tankcrimes Rec.)
INEPSY (Toxic Holocaust cover from split 7" w/ Toxic Holocaust on Tankcrimes Rec.)
KIELTOLAKI (from "Masshipnoosi" LP ion Feral Ward Rec.)
DOUBLE NEGATIVE (from "Daydream Nation" LP on Sorry State Rec.)
UX VILEHEADS (from "Catch 22" 7" on Sorry State Rec.)
KLEVERTAK (from LP on Indie Rec.)
CHRISTIAN CLUB (from "Final Confession" 7")
DEEP SLEEP (from "Turn Me Off" LP on Grave Mistake Rec.)
SANTA BANANA (from LP on Don't Need Rec / Tornado Ride / All'arrembaggio Rec.)
KONTATTO (from "Mai Come Voi" LP on Agipunk Rec.)
MURDERES (from LP on Aborted Society Rec.)
WHITE LUNG (from LP on Deragned Rec.)
UNEARTHLY TRANCE (from "V" on Relapse Rec.)
STATUES (from "Holiday Cops" on Deranged Rec.)

photo: White Lung

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