Radio Fango FM: playlist giovedì 07 aprile 2011

Playlist giovedì 07 aprile 2011 - (puntata speciale dalle 22:00 alle 24:00)
per frequenze FM e streaming: www.radiondadurto.org

TOTENTANZ ("hell" song)
KICKER (from "innit" 7" on Tankcrimes Rec.)
KICKER (from 7" on Inimical Rec.)
SUNSHINE SS (from "throw my brain vs the wall" 7")
Various Artists (from "100 bands" 7" compilation on NHDIYSTRec.)
VACCINE (from "crimes in blood" 5" on Clean Plate Rec.)
LIGHT BEARER (from "lapsus" LP on Halo of Flies Rec.)
PROTESTANT (from "judgement" LP on Halo of Flies Rec.)
THE MAKAI (from "embracing the shroud of a blackened sky" LP on Halo of Flies Rec.)
CULO (from "toxic vision" 7" on Deranged Rec.)
PORCODIO (from "nessun posto per me" 7" demo repress on Lengua Armada Discos)
MURDER-SUICIDE PACT (from "full time" 7" on Bacon Towne Rec.)
TALK IS POISON (from "rage to infinity" 7" on Sorry State Rec.)
VICTIMS (from 7" on Tankcrimes Rec.)
URBAN WASTE (from "recicled" LP on Rebel Sound Rec.)
ANHILATED (from "path of destruction" LP on Agipunk Rec.)
UNHOLGY GRAVE (from "grind killers" LP on Agipunk Rec.)
TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION (from "hater" LP on Bones Brigade Rec.)
HATRED SURGE (from split LP w/ Mammoth Grinder on Cyclopean Rec.)
MAMMOTH GRINDER (from split LP w/ Hatred Surge on Cyclopean Rec.)
WEEDEATER (from "jason... the dragon" LP on Southern Lord Rec.)
ICEAGE (from "new brigade" LP on Escho Rec.)
MAGDALENE (from "sail with the tide" LP on Sons of Vesta Rec.)
DEAN DIRG (from "verpisst" 12" on Hardware Rec.)

photo: Hatred Surge

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