download: Radio Fango FM puntata di giovedì 28 luglio 2011

Playlist giovedì 28 luglio 2011 - (dalle 22:00 alle 24:00)
per frequenze FM e streaming: www.radiondadurto.org

download / scarica puntata Radio Fango 28 luglio 2011

END TRAILS (from 7" self released)
DAITRO (from "vinyl collected" LP on Adagio 830 Rec.)
SPECTRES (from split 7" w/ Arctic Flowers on Charged//Distored Rec.)
ARCTIC FLOWERS (from split 7" w/ Spectres on Charged//Distored Rec.)
MISERIA ("vivi la tua vita" song from upcoming LP)
SKIN LIKE IRON (from "Arrival" LP on React! Rec.)
MUMBAJAMBA ("I love rnr" from upcoming EP)
LEPER (from "endless progress" LP on Moshpit Tragedy Rec.)
THE ROPES (from "demo 2" tape)
NIGHT BIRDS (from "midnight movies" 7" on No Way Rec.)
DOWNFALL OF GAIA (from split LP on In The Hearts Of Emperor on Shove Rec.)
IN THE HEARTS OF EMPEROR (from split LP on Downfall Of Gaia on Shove Rec.) 
BACKSLIDER (from split 7" w/ Nimbus Terrifix on Give Praise Rec.)
NIMBUS TERRIFIX (from split 7" w/ Backslider on Give Praise Rec.)
ROSKOPP (from split 7" w/ Dubled Over on Give Praise Rec.)
WAGES OF FEAR (from 7" on Give Praise Rec.)
BEER CORPSE (from "keg nuts" 7" on Give Praise Rec.)
BRODY'S MILITIA (from split 7" w/ Breahilizor on Give Praise Rec.)
BREAHILIZOR (from split 7" w/ Brody's Militia on Give Praise Rec.)
DEAD RADICAL (from split 7" w/ Republicorpse on Give Praise Rec.)
REPUBLICORPSE (from split 7" w/ Dead Radical on Give Praise Rec.)
NERVOUS BREAKDOWN (from split LP w/ Scheisse Minnelli on Give Praise Rec.)
THINK TWICE (from "national sacrifice zone" 7" on Give Praise Rec.)
FROM THE DEPTHS (from split 7" w/ Next Victim)
NEXT VICTIM (from split 7" w/ From The Dephts)
AL-THAWRA (from "edifice" LP)
DRAINLAND (from split LP w/ Trenches)
CONVINCE (from "apocalypse for you!" CD)
GRAZDANSKAJA OBORONA (from "vonja" LP 1989)

photo: Skin Like Iron

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