Radio Fango FM: streaming / download puntata di giovedì 6 ottobre 2011

Playlist giovedì 29 luglio 2011 - (puntata speciale di due ore dalle 21:00 alle 23:00)
per frequenze FM e streaming: www.radiondadurto.org

SARABANTE (from "renmants" LP on Southern Lord Rec.)
HATEWAVES (from "taste the beast" 7" on A389 Rec.)
PULLING TEETH (from "funerary" LP on A389 Rec.)
NIGHT BIRDS (from "the other side of darkness" LP on Give Mistake Rec.)
FULL OF HELL (from upcoming "roots of earth are consuming my home" LP on A389 Rec.)
ELEPHANTMAN (from split CD w/ Bastard Squad on RSR Rec.)
BASTARD SQUAD (from split CD w/ ElephantMan on RSR Rec.)
BACCHUS (from LP on Distro-y Rec. / Konstranszt Rec.)
WARCOLLAPSE (from "crap scrap and unforgivable slaughter vol. 2" on Undead Rec.)
BESTHOVEN (from split 7" w/ Kontatto on Agipunk Rec.)
KONTATTO (from split 7" w/ BESTHOVEN on Agipunk Rec.)
RAW NERVE (from "midnight" 7" on Youth Attack Rec.)
OFF! (from "compared to what / rotten apple" 7" on Southern Lord Rec.)
AMEBIX (from "sonic mass" LP on Amebix Rec.)
SPOSA IN ALTO MARE (from split 7" w/ Agathocles on various diy labels)
AGATHOCLES (from split 7" w/ Sposa In Alto Mare on various diy labels)
DEAD IN THE DIRT (from "fear" 7" on Southern Lord Rec.)
WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM (from "celestial lineage" LP on Southern Lord Rec.)
VIOLENT ARREST (from "tooth and nail" LP on Farewell Rec. / Boss Tuneage Rec. / Tadpole Rec.)
GERIATRIC UNIT (from split 7" w/ Crucial Section on Crew For Life Rec.)
CRUCIAL SECTION (from split 7" w/ Geriatric Unit on Crew For Life Rec.)
SMASH DETOX (from 7" on Prank Rec. / HG:Fact Rec.)
SHEER TERROR (from 7" on Reaper Rec.)
RESURRECTIONISTS (from split LP w/ Lich on Raeact With Protest / Vendetta / Moment Of Collapse / IFB)
LICH (from split LP w/ Resurrectionists on Raeact With Protest / Vendetta / Moment Of Collapse / IFB)
NOW DENIAL (from "fuck now denial" on Tor Johnson Rec.)
RUIN // DESOBEDIENCA CIVIL // CLUSTER BOMB UNIT (from "Slave To Convention - Tribute to DOOM" Compilation LP on Helvetet Rec.)
BEAU NAVIRE (from "hours" LP on React With Protest Rec.)
ELDERS (from "blind rage"LP on King Of The Monsters Rec.)
STARVATION (from "arms against the forces" 6" on No Idea Rec.)
BRUTAL TRUTH (from "end time" LP on Relapse Rec.)
NIGHT FEVER (from "transparent" 7" on No Idea Rec.)
COLUMN OF HEAVEN (from demo)
MISERY (from" from where the sun never shines" LP on Profane Existence Rec.)

photo: Misery

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