RADIO FANGO FM - best releases of the year

Please note that we aired several other awesome records... this is just a list of those I liked more for a reason or another.... 

In no particular order:

BOSTON STRANGLER - primitive LP (Fun With Smack)
(boston hardcore at its top)

PRISONER ABUSE - LP (Painkiller)
(we fucken love boston hardcore)

(these are two of my top favorite bands and this release is another masterpiece in their discographies)

(top notch power violence fight)

SORDO - tactical precision violence 7"(Nice Dreams)
(fucken great distorted power violence to the bones)

GATTACA - st 7" (Halo Of Flies / Constraszt! / Dog Lovers / Music For Liberation)
(crusty anarcho punk hc fuck yeah)

KYLESA - from the vaults vol. 1 - LP (Season Of Mist)
(forget this is a lost and found tracks collection... this album is killer)

D-CLONE - creation and destroy LP (Agipunk)
(japanoise chaos hc at its maximum level... take no prisoner)

CONVERGE - all we love we leave behind LP (Deathwish)
(the king is back)

WHITE LUNG - sorry LP (Deranged)
(everything in this band is perfect: the female voice, the non stop guitar riffing, unrelenting melodic driven punk garage at maximum speed)

LENTO - anxiety despair languish LP (Denovali)
(Lento are back with their best release to date, with an improved sound and songwriting. this album is a pure neo sludge gem and you shouldn't miss it)

THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN - power joogle pogger violence 10" (Dead Heroes / Active Rebellion)
(shake spazz and insect warfare together and you get these crazy assed grindcore kings)

AGNOSY - past the point of no return LP (Scream / Active Rebellion)
(top notch stenchcore. enough said)

ALARIC / ATRIARCH - split LP (20 Buck Spin)
(the song "weep" from alaric is the one I wish to be played at my funeral... need I say more?)

LAPSE - discography (bandcamp)
(another awesome power violence combo. they fucken rip !!!)

PIG DESTROYER - book burner LP (Relapse)
(another masterpiece from our most favorite grinders)

NEUROSIS - honour found in decay LP (Neurot)
(you know you will love this album)

EYEHATEGOD - new orleans is the new vietnam 7" (A389)
(just one killer track... can't wait for the new album!)

ENABLER - all hail the void LP (Phobiact)
(killer release... one of the very best in all the metallic crusty hc scene rising today and surely my favorite)

CONFINES - some sick joke 7" (Labor Of Love / Side Two)
(this is one of my fave hc band... angry, political and to the point hardcore)

HOAX - second ep 7" (Katorga Works / Deranged)
(yeah we know. everybody loves hoax!)

WHITE HEX - heat LP (Avant!)
(6 cold tracks from this fucked up australian duo based in berlin...)

NEON PISS - LP (Deranged)
(another garage punk hc band that immediately stuck in my ears...)

KICKER - not you LP (Tankcrimes)
(snotty punk made by old fellas who played in all your favorite bands)

HAVAH - settimana LP (To Lose La Track)
(shit gaze for lonely hearts)

RITUALS - LP (Alerta Antifascista)
(atmospheric sludge drone great... believe me this album is pure greatness)

TRAGEDY - darker days ahead LP (Tragedy)
(although I prefer their previous releases, this album is great and should deserve more attention)

RAPE REVENGE - paper cages 7" (To Live A Lie)
(fem fronted power violence hc. a great punch in your face)

PETTYBONE - from desperate times comes radical minds LP (Emancypunx)
("Pettybone is the voice of the voiceless. Pettybone is the voice of the oppressed.
The sound of the revolt for all those that were told they're useless....")

WOLFBRIGADE - damned LP (Southern Lord)
(crust masterpiece as usual)

PELICAN - ataraxia / teraxis 12" (Southern Lord)
(I love every single Pelican release and this one is no exception)

PICK YOUR SIDE - let me show you how democracy works LP (A389)
(political lyrics for a power violence hardcore fury. this shit rips)

EDDIE BROCK - brand new day 7" (A389)
(one of the very best new power violence band)

STRIPMINES - crimes of dispassion LP (Sorry State)
(ripping hardcore anger at maximum level. don't miss this awesome release)

WHIRR - pipe dreams LP (Tee Pee)
(if you think that shoegaze have nothing to say anymore, you never listened to whirr)

BLACK BREATH - sentenced to life LP (Southern Lord)
(swedish death infused hardcore metal destruction)

(killer killer killer killer release with australian best export and old austrian heroes)

BEARTRAP - nailed shut 7" (To Live A Lie)
(fast short blasts all played in a row... no frills fastcore)

BLOODKROW BUTCHER - 7" (Total Fucker)
(chaos punx anger in your throat!)

LOCRIAN - clearing LP (Fan Death)
(awesome ambient drone experimental trip)

FINE BEFORE YOU CAME - ormai LP (Triste / Vendetta)
(the perfect soundtrack for a broken heart)

WEEKEND NACHOS - worthless LP (Deep Six)
(they sound like a drunken elephant running in a motorway. smash !!!!)

NUX VOMICA - embrace the cycles 7" (Aborted Society / Active Rebellion)
(one of the best in neo crust movement, epic stuff... can't wait for more)

RISE AND FALL - faith LP (Deathwish)
(belgians do it better)

SAKATAT - adim adim elerki LP (Bringer Of Gore / EveryDayHate / Aksi Gurultu)
(if you dig insect warfare and wormrot, don't miss this fine export from turkey)

(this french fellas made an absolute masterpiece of neo crust)

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