Radio Fango FM - 31 ottobre 2013 - streaming / download links

Puntata di giovedì 31 ottobre 2013 - (dalle 22:00 alle 23:00)

per frequenze FM e streaming: www.radiondadurto.org
ed in streaming su: www.coreofdestructionradio.com


Playlist (tracks taken from):
GHOST - covers EP
RUINED HANDS - bore k7 (Alerta Antifascista)
DUNGEON KIDS - oh how it huts EP (bandcamp)
NEGATIVE PRESS - long haul LP (Inimical)
OATHBREAKER - eros / anteros LP (Deathwish)
STAB - blindness and lies 7" (Quality Control)
FALTER - descent 7" (Reality Is A Cult)
CULTURE ABUSE - the day dreams of nothing (bandcamp)
MOSOMOSO - humor and ever EP (Crew For Life)
CIRCLE / MAMIFFER - enharmonic intervals (for paschen organ) CD (Sige / Ektro)
YOUTH AVOIDERS - s/t LP (Deranged)
FULL OF HELL - music from the dial EP (Not Punk)
PERIKATO - kovat ajat (Full Contact)
WHITE MALE DUMBINANCE - split 7" w/ Sick-Fuckin-O (RSR)
SICK-FUCKIN-O - split 7" w/ White Male Dumbinance (RSR)
CULT OF LUNA - vertical ii 12" (Indie)
SHACKLES - disposed of 7"(Urban Rage)
HONDURIAN - street eagles LP (Eollan Empire)
ANGORACOID - bello... come una chiesa che brucia EP (bandcamp)
CORRUPT BASTARDS - split k7 w/ Calafia Puta (bandcamp)
FINAL DRAFT - west wound order LP (RSR)
CRETINS - demo k7 (Feel It)
FOCUSED MINDS - the fact remains LP (6131)
BLACK TUSK - tend no wound 12" (Relapse)

Photo: GHOST

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