UPDATED! Radio Fango FM - most favorite records of the year 2013

updated ( I always forgot some great bands... sorry):

ALL PIGS MUST DIE - nothing violates this nature LP (Southern Lord)
THE BLACK HEART REBELLION - har nevo LP (Tokyo Jupiter)
HOLY - the age of collapse LP (Adagio830)
GAG - this punk shit is cool but I hope I am rob zombie when I am 28 LP (Bedside)
BAPTISTS - bushcraft LP (Deathwish)
TO THE POINT / ACxDC split 7” (Deep Six)
DROPDEAD – split 7” w/ Systematic Death & split " w/ Ruidosa Inmundicia (Armageddon Label)
FINE BEFORE YOU CAME – come fare a non tornare LP (Legno)
CORRECTIONS HOUSE – last city zero LP (Neurot) + hoax the system 7” (War Crime)
AUTISTIC YOUTH - nonage LP (Dirtnap)
DEICIDE in the minds of evil LP (Century Media)
ABUSE. – s/t LP (To Live A Lie)
P.L.F. - devious persecution and wholesale slaughter LP (Six Weeks)
CHELSEA WOLFE – pain is beauty LP (Sargent House)
HATRED SURGE – human overdose LP (Rescued From Life)
NAILS – abandon all life LP (Southern Lord)
THE NATIONAL – trouble will find me LP (4AD)
RAEIN / LOMA PRIETA – split 7” (Deathwish)
JAMES BLAKE - overgrown LP (Atlas)
MODERAT - II LP (Monkeytown)
THE APPLESEED CAST - illumination ritual LP (Graveface)
GNAW - horrible chamber LP (Seventh Rule)
WEEKEND NACHOS – still LP (Deep Six)
GHOST – infestissumam LP (Universal)
HARM'S WAY – blinded 12” (Deathwish)
AGRIMONIA – rites of separation LP (Southern Lord)
THE BODY – chists, redemmers LP (Thrill Jockey)
IMPALERS – s/t LP (540 / Todo Destruido)
SELFISH – life has no vacant time LP (Feral Ward)
CALIFORNIA X – s/t LP ((Don Giovanni)
LAST WORDS s/t LP (To Live A Lie)
CARCASS – surgical steel LP (Century Media)
SEX PRISONER – state property 7” (Bad Teeth)

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