Radio Fango FM - 13th February 2014 - download and streaming links

- Download link: http://www72.zippyshare.com/v/33435067/file.html
- Photo: GHOUL
- Playlist:
HEXIS - abalam LP on Halo Of Flies CD on Music Fear Satan
GHOUL - split 7" on Tankcrimes
YATTAI - 50 love hymns for grindheads CD
CORRUPT LEADERS - s/t 7" on Moshpit Tragedy
IRON CHIC - the constant one LP on Bridge Nine
LAS OTRAS - upcoming 12
NARAYAMA - terra suja vista imunda on Bandcamp
AGASIA - vieraantuneet EP
BACKTRACK - can't escape 7" on Bridge Nine
GENERACION SUICIDA - split w/ Catholic Spit on Discos MMM
CATHOLIC SPIT - a pact with the devil LP 
CATHOLIC GIRLS - distant k7 on Crown / Throne LTD
DEFORMITIES - sometimes I wish for my own death EP on Bandcamp
DIE CHOKING - s/t 7"
ENSEMBLE ECONOMIQUE - light that comes light that goes LP on Denovali
GLOBE AND BEAST - grandfather's axe on Bandcamp
AGAINST ME! - true trans soul rebel LP on Total Treble
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA - split 7" w/ Dropdead on Armageddon Label
SYSTEMATIC DEATH - split 7"  w/ Dropdead on Armageddon Label
PARISO - consanguinity LP

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