punk metal artists: ALEXANDER HEIR

You know him... He's in everybody's mouth now. One of the most hyped punk artist of the recent years and for a good reason. Thanks to his amazing and immediately recognizable style he immediately gained worldwide's recognition... Ladies and Gentlemen here's the amazing work of: Alexander Keir.
Brooklyn based Alexander is well known for his record covers and flyers done for such d.i.y. punk band as Hoax, Komplott, Torso, Anasazi, Kromosom, Stoic Violence, Alerta! and many many more. He also runs clothing brand called Death / Traitors which gained attention and support from many artists in the punk, hip hop and tattoo communities.
Check out the amazing Death Is Not The End book printed by the almighty Sacred Bones Records. It's an amazing book printed in raw paper enclosed in an elegant hardcover box which contains an extensive retrospective of many of his great art pieces. And for your pleasure, here's a brief selection of his work:

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