Radio Fango FM - 6th November 2014 - download and streaming links

- Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/?9y3fw4msi3p0n2u
- Photo: RVIVIR
- Playlist: 
PARA MANIA - musica para gente fea 7" on CV
MISANTROPIC - split LP w/ Eaten Raw on Halvfabrikat
CARDIAC ARREST - in the mouth of madness LP on Way Back When / Even Worse / Lumpy
CONTROLLED EXISTENCE - split 7" w/ Days Of Desolation on Power It Up
FULL OF HELL w/ MERZBOW - s/t CD/LP on Profound Lore / A389
HOMEWRECKER - circle of death LP on A389
NOTHING - split 12" w/ Whirr on Run For Cover
P.S. FUCK YOU - you still suck EP on Bandcamp
RESPECT MY FIST - wutend uberzeugt radikal tanzbar EP on Bandcamp
LANDVERRAAD - split LP w/ Monday Suicide
DEATH TOLL 80K - harsh realities LP on Give Praise
SUFFERING MIND - messiah of extermination LP on Give Praise
TERRORIST - get your hand out of there 7" on Give Praise
BIG ZIT - electric zit vol. 1 EP k7
RVIVR - bicker and breath 12" on Yo-yo
PUBLIC ENEMA - s/t EP on Bandcamp
PHOBIA - grind core 7" on Deep Six
STEP FORWARD - s/t 7" on Painkiller
ANCIENT FILTH - you're nothing you're everything 7"
SHAVED WOMEN - just death LP on Full Contact
NO FAITH - dead weight 7" on Clean Plate


RADIO FANGO FM is an Italian based radio show mainly focused on Punk, Hardcore, Grindcore, Crust, D-Beat, Power Violence, Fastcore, Sludge, Post Punk and Post Hardcore.


Follow us ON AIR:
- every Thursday from 10 pm to 11 pm on RADIO ONDA D'URTO (Northern Italy)
- every Tuesday at 10 am EST / 9 am CST / 8 am MST / 7 am PST on CORE OF DESTRUCTION RADIO (USA)
- every Saturday at midnight on RADIO ELA (Madrid - Spain)

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