Really... it was an exciting year for Radio Fango. Most notably, we've been added to the Radio Ela programming, a political radio station based in Madrid, Spain (our program is broadcasted every Saturday at midnight). The collaboration with American Core Of Destraction Radio (a twenty for seven web radio which broadcast us on Tuesday morning U.S. times) turned one year of great broadcasts while of course we're still proud of being part of the Radio Onda D'urto family (an Italian FM political radio station which hosts our show every Thrusday at 10 pm. We started in 2005...). 
If by any chance you run a radio station which may be interested in broadcasting Radio Fango, please get in touch writing at intombato@yahoo.com

You can listen to all latest years Radio Fango FM broadcasts visiting: www.mixcloud.com/RadioFangoFM/

As every year here's a selection (in no particular order) of some records that I enjoyed most during 2014. It's based on my own personal taste and sure there could be some important records I missed. So PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD YOUR OWN SUGGESTIONS on the comments session at the end of the article... It will be highly appreciated! 

(in no particular dis-order)

SVFFER - lies we live LP (Per Koro / Vendetta)
German brutal grinding darkcore assault with one of the best razor blade female voice around. I knew from the very first listen that this one was gonna top my 2014 best records list.

TO THE POINT - give me a reason 7" (Deep Six) + s/t 3" (Behind The Mountain)
This band really can't let you down. Power violence fastcore by the masters. Absolutely mandatory.

THOU AND THE BODY - released from love 12" (Vinyl Rites)
Two of the very best in modern sludge united in an incredible collaboration in witch both bands' styles melt perfectly. This is a massive and damn awesome record. Check also all the other amazing releases that both bands made this year.

LOW THREAT PROFILE - product # 3 (Deep Six)
Another lesson in true power violence mastery from Infest / Lack Of Interest fellas. So cooooool.

CHEST PAIN - weltschmerz LP (To Live A Lie)
How you can't love a band that label itself as Swans meets powerviolence? Seriously this is a great and powerful release with a great experimental sound (without being a lame boredom). Seems like they achieved their mature sound, still kicking everybody's ass... Better than ever. Buy, listen, die.

VOIGHT-KAMPFF - Last House on the Right b​/​w Little Dyings 7" (Deranged)
Best post punk song of the year. Listen. Repeat. Listen. Repeat. Listen. Repeat. Forever.

Both bands made the history of power violence. And still do. Maybe some of their best material released so far.

DISSEKERAD - attack 7" (Phobia / Skrammel / D-Takt And Rapunk)
Devastating d-beat savagery topped with an amazing songwriting. Top notch.

DROPDEAD - split 7" w/ Brainoil (Armageddon Label)
Dropdead are back again. More powerful than ever. High speed political hardcore anger. Please do a full lenght! Although technically issued months ago, the vinyl isn't out yet so we had not the chance to listen to the other side owned by the almighty sludge masters Brainoil. Can't wait for that.

ACXDC - antichrist demoncore LP (Melotov)
This much rumored and highly anticipated album satisfied worldwide hc fans in its promises of giving us an impressive modern power violence assault.

AGNOSY - traits of the past LP (Neanderthal Stench / Scream / Active Rebellion)
U.K. stenchcore masters are back!!!!!!!!!!!!

MISANTROPIC / EATEN RAW - split LP (Halvfabrikat)
Swedish Misantropic is fuckin' massive: metal infused political crust with brilliant female voice and political lyrics. Compared with previous releases this is way more aggressive and got the capacity of getting you from the very first listen. On the flipside Eaten Raw, still from Sweden, answers with high dose of crusty d-beat hardcore. Fucken great split for the punx.

HOLY - mmxiv 12" (Adagio 830 / Vitriol)
Great new EP from one of the hottest Italian export in darkcore violence.

RINGWORM - hammer of the witch LP (Relapse)
This record is simply ferocious. Beatdown hardcore attack with one of the most angrier singer you can find around. This platter is just great.

NIGTHFELL - the living ever mourn LP (Southern Lord / Parasitic)
Funeral doom metal project by Tragedy's guitarist Todd Burdette. Brilliant.

SHACKLES - forced to regress LP (Resist)
Brisbane (Australia) heavy darkcore power violence monster is back. Sheer aggressive brutality.

WHITE LUNG - deep fantasy LP (Domino)
A band that never lets you down and on the the contrary improves release after release. Awesome garage post punk rock greatness with unrelenting amphetamine fueled guitar worship and amazing female vocals.

NUX VOMICA - s/t LP (Relapse)
The return of neo crust kings. Three very long and well thought epic tracks. One of the very few bands who contributed in creating, evolving and carrying on the torch of this genre.

HAVAH - durante un assedio LP (Solo)
Italian lo fi post punk greatness. 3rd album.

HYSTERESE - s/t LP (Search For Fame)
When I've heard their debut 12" last year, it was love at first sight. They're back with another masterpiece of garage post punk greatness.

CRUTCHES - lurad LP (Phobia / Distro-y / Not Enough / Rawmantic Disasters)
Swedish d-beat onslaught. Killer release.

PURA MANIA - ratas de dos patas k7 + musica para gente fea 7" + la estafa musical 7" (Cvrecs)
What happens if you lock up in a room members of the awesome post punk band Spectres with South American fastcore kings Fracaso? The awesome result is Pura Mania! Fucken best new debut of the year.

GODFLESH - a world only lit by fire LP (Avalanche Recordings)
Probably one of the most exciting and great comeback of the recent years. G R E A T.

ENABLER - la fin absolue du monde LP (Creator Destructor / The Compound)
Enabler are back with another great record. Aggressive, personal and, in a way, innovative hardcore.

INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL - call of the blue distance LP (Culturshock / Agipunk)
It doesn't really matter which direction they may take... they are always on top. Antisect / Killing Joke / Amebix styled post punk by our beloved crusties from Hamburg (Germany).

STOIC VIOLENCE - chained LP (Deranged / Video Disease)
Long Beach California stoic hardcore punk! Super stomping!

P.L.F. - ultimate whirlwind of incineration LP (Blastafuk Grindcore)
These very prolific Texas pulverizing blasters gave us another slab of devouring unstoppable grindcore madness. Prepare yourself for a maelstorm of pure grindcore fury.

EYEHATEGOD - s/t LP (Century Media)
They're back. After 14 years finally the fathers of sludge return to show everybody how they still rip.

ARCTIC FLOWERS - weaver LP (Deranged)
Portland's best post punk export. With this release they finally got me.

DOOM - corrupt fucking system LP (Black Cloud)
Birmingham's crust legends are back. 25 years of crust history in the making...

RORT - warpath LP (RSR)
Melbourne devastating grinding death metal.

VIOLENT REACTION - dead end 7" (Painkiller / Quality Control HQ)
Although this one man band (Tom plays every instrument during recording sessions) is from Mersayside UK, this is 100% pure Boston straightedge hardcore fest.

EAGULLS - s/t LP (Partisan / Knitting Factory)
A perfect combination of post punk with indie and punk from Leeds. Immediate addiction.

CLASS - asterims (Bandcamp)
Come on this is sooooo good. Female fronted powerful fast hardcore from Milan (Italy). A fuckin' great debut release.

NOUNS - still LP (Funeral Sounds / Broken World Media / Known Pleasure)
Let me say that I love this band. These weirdos from Arkansas play a very own personal brand of indie punk that should definitely deserves greater attention because... they're A W E S O M E.

WRECK AND REFERENCE - want LP (The Flenser)
Los Angeles experimental post metal duo doesn't need guitars. Samples, voice, drums, anguish and despair. Brilliant as usual.

PRIMITIVE MAN / FISTER - split LP (A389 Recordings)
Primitive Man has the perfect sludge formula. Their sound is truly brutal in every single aspect with mind blowing atmospheres and ass kicking crust attacks. They're the best. On the flipside Fister is a perfect companion. Both bands rip a lot.

SI NON SEDES IS - father of all lies LP (Sangue Dischi / Fallo Dischi / Escape From Today)
Based in Rome, SNSI is done by ex members of some of the most notorious and greatest Nineties Italian hardcore bands like Concrete, Comrades, Los Vaticanos, Notorious and many more. Post hardcore greatness Roma style.

PROTESTER - left to rot 7" (Trash King)
DC straight edge hardcore greatness made by Coke Bust, Pure Disgust, Vile Faith, Misled Youth and ten thousands more awesome band. All these bands releases are great and you should check everything made by these hardcore fanatics.

DEADBEAT L.A. - demo 2014 (Bandcamp)
Bombastic power violence savagery from Los Angeles. Seriously one of the best pv releases of the year. Best newcomers. 

RESPECT MY FIST - wutend uberzeugt radikal tanzbar (Bandcamp)
Oh gosh I love this grrrl punk band from Berlin. This demo is raw as fuck but various, aggressive, well thought and definitely with something that really kept my attention from the very first listening. 

IDES OF GEMINI - old world new wave LP (Neurot)
The return of this experimental trio. Awesome female transcendent voices over layers of dramatic and at times psychedelic doom post whatever.

TOTAL CONTROL - typical system LP (Iron Lung)
Iron Lung Records (the label behind the top notch homonymous power violence duo) has quickly became one of the hottest label of the year, with awesome releases from different kind of music all united by the same great attention about music and graphics. Total Control is a gem in the post punk, kraut, garage, indie, punk, whatever world with a sound of their own which is amazing in all its parts. 

CODE ORANGE - I am king LP (Deathwish)
Heavy weight, complex, brutal and experimenting hardcore that really tries to overcome genre's boundaries. Great release.

TRAP THEM - blissfucker LP (Prosthetic)
Aggressive darkcore with great songwriting.

HAYMAKER - let them rot 7" (A389 Recordings)
What a comeback. Supergroup with fellas from Left For Dead, Pick Your Side and Chokehold. First release in 10 years. No frills. Just pure anger.

CARDIAC ARREST - in the mouth of madness LP (Even Worse / Way Back When)
After 8 years since its latest release this awesome old styled American hardcore combo come back to deliver one of the very best hardcore punk release of the year. Choruses, raspy voice, sound all is old school here, for the better.

ACCIDENTE - amistad y rebellion LP (Constraszt! / La Agonia De Vivir / Walking Is Still Honest / Grita O Muere / Halo Of Flies / Tranzophobia / Blondes Must Die / Pifia / In My Heart Empire / Distribuidora Soroll / Veganismo Es Respeco)
This is an advice for all bands out there. Tour, tour, tour! That's the best way to spread your message and your music. Beautiful political punk rock with awesome female vocals from Madrid. Love this one.

FISSURE / GETS WORSE - split 7" (Dead Heroes)
Two of the greatest new power violence bands around united under the umbrella of the great Dead Heroes Records.

BAPTISTS - bloodmines LP (Southern Lord)
Angry darkcore straight to the point. Another great band from Canada, a country which knows how to punk well.

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