Radio Fango FM - 22th January 2015 - download and streaming links

- Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/?8ak284fl8f8z2ra
- Photo: Nails
- Playlist: 
NAILS - among the arches of intolerance / in pain 7" flexy on Decibel Mag
CRETIN - stranger LP on Relapse
SPINE - time has gone LP on Bad Teeth / Assault
BAKOUNINE - s/t LP on FFC / La Societé Pue
CONTROLLED - self suffice 7" on Shaman
CREEPING DOSE - road dawgs with road bones k7
ENOUGH SAID - heritage day 7" on Thick Skin / Fight Em All
RIFLE DIET - no solace 7" on Profane Existence
UNDERPASS - assimilation LP on Desire
DESZCZ - upcoming split w/ Agenda
EARTH - primitive and deadly LP on Southern Lord
AJAX - s/t 7" on Katorga Works
BRUTAL BLUES - s/t LP on Selfmadegod
FALSE PUNK - kick rocks EP on Bandcamp
NYC Headhunters - demo on Straight And Alert
SHRAPNEL - frenzied state 7" on Quality Control HQ / Triple-B
CRUTCHES - demo 2012 7" on Desorden
IVY - s/t LP on Katorga Works
FIEND - derailed EP on Bandcamp
HOMEWRECKER - circle of death LP on A389
ILSA - from A389 MMXI annirversari bash soundtrack compilation
GENOCIDE PACT - from A389 MMXI annirversari bash soundtrack compilation


RADIO FANGO FM is an Italian based radio show mainly focused on Punk, Hardcore, Grindcore, Crust, D-Beat, Power Violence, Fastcore, Sludge, Post Punk and Post Hardcore.


Follow us ON AIR:
- every Thursday from 10 pm to 11 pm on RADIO ONDA D'URTO (Northern Italy)
- every Tuesday at 10 am EST / 9 am CST / 8 am MST / 7 am PST on CORE OF DESTRUCTION RADIO (USA)
- every Saturday at midnight on RADIO ELA (Madrid - Spain)

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