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Here's our 2015 Best Of list.!
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VIOLENT REACTION - marchin on LP (Revelation)
U.K. super stomping singalong Boston styled anthemic hardcore Oi! punk.  The song "No Pride" is a top notch punk anthem. Top class stuff.

VAASKA - todos contra todos LP (Beach Impediment)
Greaaaaaat pissed off political d-beat punk hardcore sung in Spanish. Every song is an immediate anthem. Fellas from Hatred Surge, Impalers, Mammoth Grinder, Criaturas and more got together to encapsulate the true spirit of political punk. Sick band.

THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN - s/t LP (Dead Heroes, Bones Brigade)
Usual Radio Fango listeners know how much I love this band. And, oh my gosh, they returned with an absolute platter of total grinding power violence destruction and their best release ever. An absolute contemporary beast. Chapeau!!!

HAUST - bodies LP (Fysisk)
Totally obscure blackish punk from Norway. Let yourself drowning in their sound. This is your heroin and you know you won't get rid of it so easily. Junk yourself now!

THE KILL - kill them... all CD (Obscene Productions)
2015 was an amazing year for grindcore and this band topped it! Super fast grinding madness with amazing riffage with a great "more angry hardcore oriented" voice that makes this record even sound better. It doesn't really surprise me this band is from Melbourne, Australia. A continent that continues its crusade of giving us some of the most interesting and brutal bands out there. I just hope the vinyl version will come out soon...

SVFFER - empapthis LP (Vendetta)
Germany supreme female fronted grinding darkcore masters did it again. Another aural massacre. Another great masterpiece. This slab destroys everything.

MORKHIMMEL - ostri cerné kosy zni LP (Insane Society)
4th release by this awesome Czech Republic metal punk band. Death infused crust punk stenchcore with awesome vocals. I love their singer's voice and the sung in Czech perfectly fit with it... Since this is the first release I've ever heard from them (shame on me) believe me when I tell you that I'll definitely check all the stuff they did in the past. Well thought anger for punx.

HARM'S WAY - rust LP (Deathwish)
Dude, this band is fucken heavy. Super moshing bulldozin' hardcore in their own (harm's) way. Mandatory concrete storm.

G.L.O.S.S. - demo CS (Not Normal Tapes) / 7" (Sabotage / Total Negativity / Nervous Nelly)
Pissed off old school stomping queer hardcore punk from Olympia, Washington. "Outcast Stomp" is the punk anthem of the year. Best debut of the year.

RIDE AT DAWN - no read home EP (Bandcamp)
Obsessive-compulsive deranged obscure punk from Toronto. Extremely addictive.

IRREVERSIBLE - s/t (Bandcamp)
It's rare to find a band that can make his own branch of post hardcore so interesting and intriguing. Track after track you'll find more than a reason to get back listening to this album more often than you may imagine. A brilliant journey into the post hardcore maelstrom.

WESTKUST - last forever LP (Luxury)
Gothenburg (Sweden) catchy and addictive shoegaze post pop punk.

PERMACULTURE - they advance 7" (Imflammable Material)
Boston great anarcho punk! This album reminds at times "Penis Envy" from Crass (still one of my favorite Crass album), but even if the influence is there, they got their own style. Get it now!

DESPISE YOU - s/t 7" (Pessimiser / Instintut Fur Mentale Hygiene)
Back again. Top notch power violence and you know you gonna need this right now!

THE BODY AND THOU - you, whom I always hated 12" (Thrill Jockey)
2015 couldn't start better: new collaboration EP from these two masters of sludgy heavyness... CD and digital versions also contain their previous brilliant EP.

MINDFUL OF PRIPYAT - ...and deeper I drown in doom CD (Bizarre Leprous Production)
Pulverizing grinding death from Milan (Italy). Total aural devastation with great songwriting. Don't miss this one... Please somebody do a vinyl release of this destroyer...

CRUTCHES - forloard LP (Not Enough, Destro-y, Phobia, Rawmantic Disasters, Up The Punx, Distro Rakkos)
Rentless bombastic d-beat worship from this Swedish maniacs.

GAY KISS - preservarion measures LP (Sorry State)
There isn't any review that can match this Sorry State's ad quote about this release: "Stomping, driving hardcore; a Rudimentary Peni LP you can mosh to". After reading this, you know you will instantly love this shit. Brilliant album.

ANOPHELI - the ache of want LP (Halo Of Flies / Alerta Antifascista)
2nd album, maybe even better than their great latest year debut. Awesome epic neo crust with cellos etc. Amazing songwriting and awesome tracks.

BODUF SONGS - stench of exist LP (The Flenser)
Lonely, experimental and tense darkness. Only to be listen by yourself.

NAPALM DEATH - apex predator - easy meat LP (Century Media)
I have to say that I didn't expect Napalm Death to made this list. As an early day fan, I always admitted their latest albums were very good but nothing really got me at full. But this one is damn great and I'm happy to write this because this is a band that I really appreciate for its attitude and perseverance. This album is a monster, it's ferocious and experimental and it has the late 2000 grinding formula that Napalm Death perfected during this last decade. Storming.

THE CONEHEADS - L.P.1. aka 14 year old high school pc-fascist hype lords rip off Devo for the sake of Extorting $$$ from helpless impressionable midwestern internet peoplepunks LP (Erste Theke Tontrager)
When your demos are instantly pressed on vinyl you're definitely doing the right thing. What? You wanna know what these young genius do? Just read their album title, you lazy ass punk...

BOAK - s/t 7" (Square Of Opposiotion, Vleesklak, Wolf Town DIY, ADGD, Friendly Otter, Cross Your Heart And Hope To DIY, SuperFi)
UK wall of power violence anger with its own style. Fukken great!

APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT - we made them LP (Profane Existence, Skuld Releases, Ruin Nation)
New release from this great Nausea styled crusty political anarcho punk band.

PUBLICIST UK - forgive yourself LP (Relapse)
This one really got me as unexpected as it was. After a couple of random listenings I found myself completely drowned in this orgy of pure post punk sadness.

CAPTAIN CLEANOFF - rising terror LP (Blastafuk Grindcore)
Another amazing grindcore Australian band with a long career and discography. And yet another masterpeace of pure old school grinding madness with a bombastic production. Fucken pulverizing stuff.

SPIRITS - discontent LP (State Of Mind Recordings)
Pure hardcore straightedge perfection from Boston. Songs that stick in mind immediately. Great stuff!

BLIND AUTHORITY - succumb to violence LP (Carry The Weight)
UK straightforward stomping hardcore with angry raspy voice. If you love your hardcore angry, stomping and dirty this record is definitely for you!

GATTACA - s/t LP (Halo Of Flies / Constraszt! / MxFxL)
Epic awesome neo crust from these Czech vegan punx. Great songwriting, it grows at every listen.

WOLF DOWN - liberation EP (Bandcamp)
Two songs of political animal liberation beatdown devastation. Brutal and thoughtful.

MALADJUSTED - not taking our minds EP (Bandcamp)
Very impressive new EP from the almighty Maldjusted! This L.A. band delivers an agry set of great songs of pure crust tinged hardcore punk with some occasional power violence and even slight psychedelic experimental parts that make the whole thing damn amazing still remaining an "in your face" blasting release. Add a great female voice and political lyrics and you get an awesome EP that definitely deserves a vinyl release (hope it's in the works).

BORDO - mordere la polvere EP (Bandcamp)
This band's improvement from its previous EP is so impressive that you may probably want to check if you're listening to the same band. This local (Milan, Italy) gem of emo melodic punk came out of nowhere and crafted a brilliant EP with a great and mature lyricism. Bravo!

THE SMUDJAS - february EP 12" (Flying Kids)
Another awesome new local (Milan, Italy) band that really deserves its spot in this list. This power female trio delivers us a well written and catchy raw dirty dose of indie grunge punk. Hell yeah!

BLOOD SOUND - too much sun and not enough gloom at the beach (Bandcamp)
New wave indie post punk gold from Philadelphia. Sweeeet.

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