Radio Fango FM - 16th June 2016 - streaming link

- Photo: G.L.O.S.S.
- Playlist:
G.L.O.S.S. - trans day of revenge 7" on Sabotage / Total Negativity / Pansy Twist Distro
THE UNIT - demo on Bandcamp
LOCK - the cycle 7" on Iron Lung
DEAD CHURCH - split flexi 7" w/Michael Crafter on Riotous Outburst
MICHAEL CRAFTER - split flexi 7" w/Dead Church on Riotous Outburst
1981 - acts of aggression 7"
WOLF WHISTLE - the presente disturbance 7" on Triple B
FAILED MUTATION - see you tomorrow 7"
ANCST - moloch LP on Halo Of Flies / Vendetta
MODERN PAIN - peace delusions LP on Bridge Nine
LIFE OF REFUSAL - survival in negative 7" on Grindpromotion
SUBROSA - key of the eidolon 7" flexi on Decibel Mag
WHORESNATION - split CS w/Doomsisters on Deaf Death Husky
DOOMSISTERS - split CS w/Whoresnation on Dead Death Husky
KNUR - s/t on Bandcamp
XYLITOL - femme shoulder devil EP on Bandcamp
HUNGRY LIKE RAKOVITZ - nevermind the light LP on Blasphemy Worldwide / Shove / Drown Within / Dingleberry / Controcanti / Icore Produzioni
THE BUG - room 44 sessions CS on Not Normal Tapes
WRONG - s/t LP on Relapse
SUMAC - what one becomes LP on Thrill Jockey


RADIO FANGO FM is an Italian based radio show mainly focused on Punk, Hardcore, Grindcore, Crust, D-Beat, Power Violence, Fastcore, Sludge, Post Punk and Post Hardcore.


Follow us ON AIR:
- every Thursday from 10 pm to 11 pm on RADIO ONDA D'URTO (Northern Italy)
- every Tuesday at 10 am EST / 9 am CST / 8 am MST / 7 am PST on CORE OF DESTRUCTION RADIO (USA)
- every Saturday at midnight on RADIO ELA (Madrid - Spain)

Get in touch: facebook / twitter /

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