Radio Fango FM - 6th October 2016 - streaming link WE'RE BACK ON AIR!!!

- Photo: Cinderblock
- Playlist:
HAYMAKER - taxed...tracked...inoculated...enslaved LP on A389
KNIGHTZZ - promo 2016 EP on Bandcamp
CANCER SPREADING - ghastly visions LP on Heavy Metal Vomit Party / Back On Tracks / Neanderthal-Stench
D.R.I. - but wait... there's more! 7" on Beer City
ANXIETY - s/t LP on La Vida Es Un Mus
COFFIN BIRTH - split 10" w/Shitgrinder on Televised Suicide
CINDERBLOCK - s/t LP on Brain Solvent Propaganda
INSTINTO - dimonis LP on Grita O Muere / Hysterical / Svoboda / Guerilla Vynil / Pandora // CS on Bloodsoaked
RESPECT MY FIST - split 7" w/Make Music Not Love
NOTHING CLEAN - split 7" w/Ona Snop on Gronk / Repulsive Medias / Samizdat / Vleesklak
ONA SNOP - split 7" w/Nothing Clean on Gronk / Repulsive Medias / Samizdat / Vleesklak
SPIRITS - 2 song flexi 7" on State Of Mind
TOTALICKERS - street d-beat 7" on Kremon / Nuclear Fear / Grita O Muere / El Lokal Distribution
FISSURE - the complete singles collection CS on Abusive Noise Tapes
NEUROSIS - fires within fires LP on Neurot
KICKER - rendered obsolet LP on Tankcrimes
CONGENITAL DEATH - fucklove: prophet of death LP on Hydrogen Man
WARTHOG - s/t 7" on Beach Impediment
WHORESNATION - split 7" w/Chappa'ai
BISHOPS GREEN - back to our roots 7" on Rebellion / Randale
RED DEATH - deterrence 7" on Lookin Out


RADIO FANGO FM is an Italian based radio show mainly focused on Punk, Hardcore, Grindcore, Crust, D-Beat, Power Violence, Fastcore, Sludge, Post Punk and Post Hardcore.


Follow us ON AIR:
- every Thursday from 10 pm to 11 pm on RADIO ONDA D'URTO (Northern Italy)
- part of the  CORE OF DESTRUCTION RADIO (USA) conspiracy.
- every Saturday at midnight on RADIO ELA (Madrid - Spain)

Get in touch: facebook / twitter /

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