Practiced Hatred Fanzine - issue 1-4 (review)

This zine is pure gold for any power violence fan!
Named after a Crossed Out song and made by Gus from the almighty band Depraved (and ex Forged), this omnibus edition collect all four issues of this PV gem. The list of interviews speaks for itself: Sea Of Shit, Chest Pain, Deadbeat, To The Point, Human Garbage, Concussive, Calafia Puta, Pavel Checkov, Life Of Refusal, MPG, Bolo, Savage, Malpais Records, Scum Human, Sidetracked, Weekend Nachos, Suppression, To Live A Lie Records, Woundman, Blast For Humanity Records and Arab Spring... So I had the chance to read about some of my most favorite power violence bands and labels, as well as discovering a few new ones (at least to me). I love its cut and paste style which brings back the old glory days of zine making and even if this zine appears to be over, we can only thank Gus for all these interesting readings.
If you're a power violence freak this is just mandatory, and if you're not... Well that's a good chance to get the virus!

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