Radio Fango FM - 5th October 2017 - streaming link

- Streaming link:

- Photo: Sheer Mag
- Playlist:
xDUHx - s/t EP on Bandcamp
MATERIAL SUPPORT - solidarity & kyr EP on Bandcamp
CONVERGE - I can tell you about pain / eve 7" on Deathwish
SHEER MAG - need to feel your love LP on Wilsuns
TURMA - kraken LP
HIGHTOWER - the party 7" on Krod
GRIT - diamond 7" on Distro-y, Contraszt!, Pumpkin, Vision Of Warning / Ultra Peace
TARANTULAH - sekatan minda terseksa kita didusta... Demo
ULICZNY OPRYSZEK - na zawsze punk 2 CD
GERANIUM - split LP w/Link on Alerta Antifascista, Bes-Ak47, Deviance, Dingleberry, Halvfabrikat, Tanker
LINK - split LP w/Geranium on Alerta Antifascista, Bes-Ak47, Deviance, Dingleberry, Halvfabrikat, Tanker
UNFORGIVABLE - demo 2017 on Bandcamp
NIGHT TRAIN TO NOWHERE - dance of horns EP on Manic Depression
INDIAN NIGHTMARE - taking back the land LP on Kamaset Levyt / Plastic Bomb / Dying Victims
NED - s/t EP on ned-kelly.bandcamp.com
INTEGRITY - howling, for the nightmare shall consume LP on Relapse
TOXIC TRASH ANGELS - freakshow EP on Bandcamp
D R O S E - a voice 7"
COMBAT FORCE - demo CS on Street Rock Music


RADIO FANGO FM is an Italian based radio show mainly focused on Punk, Hardcore, Grindcore, Crust, D-Beat, Power Violence, Fastcore, Sludge, Post Punk and Post Hardcore.


Follow us ON AIR:
- every Thursday from 10 pm to 11 pm on RADIO ONDA D'URTO (Northern Italy)
- every Saturday at midnight on RADIO ELA (Madrid - Spain)
- part of the  CORE OF DESTRUCTION RADIO (USA) conspiracy.

Get in touch: facebook / twitter /

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