Power Violence Project Fanzine + Documentary

In case you didn't have already bought your copy of Power Violence Project Fanzine, get it now or regret it forever.
For any power violence fan this is just a mandatory and great way to start exploring its story as well as a great anticipation of the documentary that Athena Kautsch (Voetsek, The Dread, Six Weeks Records and Short Fast and Loud fanzine) and Melissa Petisa are working on.

While we all can't wait its release we can start enjoying this precious zine. Here's what you get...

It starts with a handful of superfan reviews about their PV most favorite releases. You will read what fundamental musicians and zine editors like Chris Moore, Dave Witte, Chiyo Nukaga, Beau Beasley, Makiko Suda, Tony Foresta etc think about Man Is The Bastard, Infest, No Comment, Crossed Out, Capitalist Casualties, No Less etc seminal records and what they meant for their musical and life evolution. And you will probably live again what they meant to you the very first time you got blown away by the PV monster...

Second installment of this precious effort focuses more on the history and meaning of power violence through the great reprint of Jeff Robinson's column (first appeared in Short Fast And Loud! zine #5) about Capitalist Casualties history which is a mandatory reading for any PV fan; words about doing your own thing from sir Chris Dodge (Slap A Ham Records, Spazz, Trappist etc); Ten must hear records recommendations from the mighty Eric Wood (Man Is The Bastard / Bastard Noise) plus a brief but highly informative history of noise music and a history of Bastard Noise; a synopsis of Man Is The Bastard background and philosophy by Aaron Kenyon and how Henry Barnes (MITB / Amps For Christ) entered the skull family. All these articles are none less than mandatory readings to better understand what it was (and is) all about.

Closing the zine a funny calendar with PV protagonists birthdays and historical dates (gigs, inventions, facts) juxtaposed page by page by gig flyers and Monkeybite zine covers. Lovely!

You definitely need this. As said before try to get your copy now or you will regret it forever.
Power Violence Forever!

To get info about the zine and the upcoming documentary you should visit their facebook page:
or send an e-mail to: powerviolenceproject@gmail.com

As you may know, a couple of weeks ago I made a special Radioshow about the Power Violence Family Tree in which I tried to link all band members to all their bands before, during and after the heyday of PV. I haven't read this zine before, but I still think it's pretty accurate (of course it could be improved). So get a listen you wanna dig deeper in this great scene. 46 tracks in 1 hour is what you will get with the voice of my friend Victoria guiding you to all the links between this great bunch of musical geniuses.

Click here to listen it:

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