Radio Fango FM playlist puntata giovedì 03 febbraio - ore 22

Playlist giovedì 03 febbraio 2011 - dalle 22:00 alle 23:00
per frequenze FM e streaming: www.radiondadurto.org

BISON B.C. (from "Dark ages" LP on Metal Blade Rec.)
BORN BAD (from split 7" w/ Duress on Home Invasion Rec.)
DURESS (from split 7" w/ Born Bad on Home Invasion Rec.)
COLONY (from 7" on Frequency Deleted Rec.)
CONFINES (from "Whithdrawn" 7" on Labor of Love Rec. / Side Two Rec.)
GET RAD (from "I can always live" LP on Gilead Rec.)
A.N.S. (from split 7" w/ Agoraphobic Nosebleed on Tankcrimes Rec.)
AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED (from split 7" w/ A.N.S. on Tankcrimes Rec.)
BURNT CHURCH (from digital album on Moshpit Tragedy Rec.)
GLASSES (from "The ills of life" LP on Vendetta Rec.)
GLAM (from 7" on La Vide Es Un Mus Rec.)
GUANTANAMO PARTY PROGRAM (from LP on No Sanctuary Rec.)
LYCANTHROPHY (from split 7" w/ F.U.B.A.R. on RSR Rec.)

Painkiller Records Special:
FAILURES (from 7")
FORCE FED (from "Five song EP" 7")
KNIFE FIGHT (from "Isolated" 7")
THE TROUBLE (from "Nothing left to say" 7")
VACCINE (from "Human hatred" 7")
WASTE MANAGEMENT (from "Power abuse" 7")

SOUVENIR'S YOUNG AMERICA (from "The name of snake" LP on No Sanctuary Rec.)
CALIFORNIA LOVE (from "Post mortem emanations" 7" on Bad Skull Rec.)

photo: Agoraphobic Nosebleed

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