Radio Fango FM playlist puntata giovedì 27 gennaio - ore 22

Playlist giovedì 20 gennaio 2011 - dalle 22:00 alle 23:00
per frequenze FM e streaming: www.radiondadurto.org

FUCKED UP (from "Couple tracks: singles 2002-2009" on Matador Rec.)
APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT (from "It's far from fucking over" CD on Profane Existence Rec.)
MEN'S INTEREST (from "More war" 7" on Home Invasion Rec.)
OFF! (from "First four EPs" on Vice Rec.)
ARTICLES OF FAITH (from "New normal catastrophe" LP on Alternative Tentacles Rec.)
IN DISGUST (from split LP w/ P.L.F. on RSR Rec.)
P.L.F. (from split LP w/ In Disgust on RSR Rec.)
LIGHT UP! (from s/t Ep 2010 CDR)
RECKLESS AGGRESSION (from 7" on Six Feet Under Rec // demo repress)
NUCLEAR FAMILY (from LP on Loud Punk Rec.)
NASHGUL (from "El die despues al fin de la humanidad" LP on Torture Garden Rec.)
SPOONFUL OF VICODIN (from "Bursts of rage at the speed of hate" on Bones Brigade Rec.)
STATE POISON (from LP on Kick Rock Rec / Flower of Change Rec.)
SEX PRISONER (from 7" on To Live A Lie Rec.)
PSYCHO (from "The grind years 1990-1994" LP on Selfmadegod Rec.)
SHADES OF GREY (from "Freedom.incarceration" LP)
LANDMINE MARATHON (from "Sovereing descent" LP on Deep Six Rec.)
MIGRAINE (from "Weird Tales" 7" on Cowabunga Rec.)
MONDO GECKO (from split LP w/ D9 on Zas! Rec. / Urban Decay Rec. Twintoe Rec.)
NIGHT BIRDS (from "Killer waves" 7" on Grave Mistake Rec. / Dirtnap Rec.)
SOTALITA (from 7")
RIISTETYT (from "Kuolonhymeeja" LP on Riistetyt Rec.)
POLLUTION (from "N.S. Drugs" LP - demotape repress)
SMART COPS (from upcoming "Per proteggere e servire" LP)

photo: Appalachian Terror Unit

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