Fango (Radio Onda D'urto) playlist giovedì 06 gennaio 2011

Playlist giovedì 06 gennaio 2011 - dalle 22:00 alle 24:00 (puntata speciale di due ore)
per frequenze FM e streaming: www.radiondadurto.org

THE ADICTS (from "life goes on" LP)
THIEVES (from "positive vibrations" 7" on To Live A Lie Rec.)
THE CONVERSIONS (from "spineless wonders" LP on Ride The Snake Rec.)
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH (from split 7" w/ Slang on Prank Rec.)
SLANG (from split 7" w/ World Burns To Death on Prank Rec.)
EUNUCH (from 7")
THOU (from "Summit" LP)
NOMOS (from LP on Deranged Rec.) 
WHIRL (from "distressor" Download EP)
NEGATIVE APPROACH (from "friends of no one" 7" on Taang! Rec.)
LIBYANS (from "common place" LP on Sorry State Rec.)
KYKLOOPPIEN SUKUPUUTTO (from "likana valikoimassanne" LP)
ISKRA (from "bureval" LP on Agipunk Rec.)
HERDS (from LP on Fashionable Idiots Rec.)
DISCHARGE (from "war is hell" LP)
INFARTO SCHEISSE (from upcoming releases on Shove Rec.)
DISCIPLE OF CHRIST (from "demo ep" 7" on To Live A Lie Rec.)
MARNERO (from "naufragio universale" LP)
AMERICAN CHEESEBURGHER (from split 7" w/ Bukkake Boys on Vinyl Rites Rec.)
BUKKAKE BOYS (from split 7" w/ American Cheesburgher on Vinyl Rites Rec.)
ENVY (from "recitation" LP on Sonzai Rec.)
CONTAGIUM (from "arcaic" LP on The Total End Rec.)
THE SECRET (from "solve et coagula" LP on Southern Lord Rec.)
BITTER END (from "guilty as charged" LP on Deathwish Rec.)
ACID REFLUX (from "moves" 7" on No Way Rec.)
COKE BUST (from "degradation" 7" on Refuse Rec.)
FIX MY HEAD (from "empty slogans" 7" on No Option Rec.)
WEEKEND NACHOS (from "bleed" 12" on Relapse Rec.)

photo: Weekend Nachos

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