FANGO FM (Radio Onda D'urto) playlist giovedì 13 gennaio (ore 22-23)

Playlist giovedì 13 gennaio 2011 - dalle 22:00 alle 23:00
per frequenze FM e streaming: www.radiondadurto.org

THE VSS (from "Nervous Circuits" LP on Gravity Rec.)
FINAL WARNING (from "PDX" LP on Southern Lord Rec.)
WAR//PLAGUE (from "Smolder" 7" on Active Rebellion Rec.)
LIMB FROM LIMB (from "Death.Famine.Plague" LP on No Option Rec.)
GIUDA (from split 7" w/ Age on Break The Chains / Agipunk Rec.)
AGE (from split 7" w/ Giuda on Break The Chains / Agipunk Rec.)
ANTISECT (from "Live in Leed 02.04.1986" on Antisociety Rec.)
ELECTIC WIZARD (from "Black Masses" LP on Rise Above Rec.)
DETONATE (from LP on Distort Reality Rec.)
D.O.A. (from "Talk - Action = 0" on Social Bomb Rec.)
HERATYS (from LP on Not Enough Rec.)
NAILS (from "Unsilent Death" LP repress on Southern Lord Rec.)
FRAMTID (from split 7" w/ Pisschrist on H:G Fact Rec.)
PISSCHRIST (from split 7" w/ Framtid on H:G Fact Rec.)
LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER (from split LP w/ Ratos The Porao on Six Weeks Rec.)
RATOS DE PORAO (from split LP w/ Looking For An Answer on Six Weeks Rec.)

photo: Antisect

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