Radio Fango FM - 09 gennaio 2014 - streaming / download links

RADIO FANGO FM in diretta su RADIO ONDA D'URTO ogni giovedì dalle 22 alle 23
per frequenze FM e streaming: www.radiondadurto.org
ed in streaming su: www.coreofdestructionradio.com


Playlist (tracks taken from):
NO WARNING - resurrection of the wolf 7" on Bridge Nine Rec.
CROP CIRCLES - citizens of fear LP on Aim Down Sight / Annoying / Here And Now! / Sell Your Soul / ADS
COLOSS - the sound of engine LP on Passpartout Rec.
TUTTI I COLORI DEL BUIO - demo 2013 on Bandcamp
XPUSX - un pezzo alla volta EP
ROBANERA - s/t LP on Shove Rec.
GIUDA - wild tiger woman 7" on Brass City Boss Rec. / Fungo Rec.
DOOM - corrupt fucking systemp LP on Black Cloud Rec.
PICK YOUR SIDE - split 10" w/ To The Point on Deep Six Rec.
OKUS - s/t LP on Underground Movement Rec.
CAVE STATE - demo 2013 on Grindcore Karaoke Rec.
GREEN BERET - The Cult Of State 7" on Side Two Rec.
REPRESSION ATTACK - altar of destruction on Bandcamp
GORILLA STOMP - life in a jam EP on Bandcamp
NOOSE - the moral law: discography LP on React! Rec.
THE BELLICOSE MINDS - the spine LP on Sabotage Rec. / Black Water Rec.
BONESTORM - demo 2013 on Bandcamp
BOSTON STRANGLER - jokes on you promo 2013 K7
BRIDGE - red hands EP on Bandcamp
BUIOINGOLA - dopo l'apena EP on Bandcamp

Photo: Pick Your Side

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