Radio Fango FM - 30th January 2014 - download and streaming links

- Download link: http://www78.zippyshare.com/v/36475768/file.html
- Playlist:
PURGE - split 7" w/ Jarhead Fertilizer on CricketCemetery Rec.
JARHEAD FERTILIZER - split 7" w/ Purge on CricketCemetery Rec.
SIBERIAN HELL SOUNDS - the pcpep CD on Bandcamp
DISCOURSE - curse of consciousness 7" on Mayfly Rec.
COLUMN OF HEAVEN - split 7" w/ Radioactive Vomit on Survivalist Rec.
THE TOTAL END - chasing nightmarares k7 2003
INDIAN - from all purity LP on Relapse Rec.
URBAN DK - in the blood demo 1995
CHRISTER PETTERSON - empatihaveri 7" on Monument / Judas Cradle / Defiant Heart / Buzz Or Owl
DIAT - everyday / hinge & bracket 7" on Iron Lung Rec.
HUMAN CULL - the persecuting society EP on Bandcamp
ABACUS - s/t EP on Bandcamp
AUGURS - old ways EP on Bandcamp
AMOR FIZZ - la musica y la personalidad, la pasiona y al distancias on Bandcamp
BRAIN CORRUPTION - artifacts of humanity LP on Solvent Abuse Rec.
LOWLIFE - demo 2013 on Bancamp
ARMS RACE - demo 2013 on Bandcamp
LOW CHARGE - s/t 7" on Mandible Rec.
ROMPIENDO EL SILENCIO - gritar con la verdad EP on Bandcamp
WE ARE - s/t 12" on Fucking Kill Rec.
MOTORHEAD - aftershock LP on UDR / Motorhead Music
THEYEATTHEIROWNGOD. - untitled. EP on Bandcamp

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