Radio Fango FM - 23rd January 2014 - streaming / download links

RADIO FANGO FM in diretta su RADIO ONDA D'URTO ogni giovedì dalle 22 alle 23
per frequenze FM e streaming: www.radiondadurto.org
ed in streaming su: www.coreofdestructionradio.com


Playlist (tracks taken from):
DOOMRIDERS - grand blood LP on Deathwish Rec.
WHORES - Jumping Someone Else's Train (Cure cover) split 7" w/ Rabbits on Brutal Panda Rec.
PRIMITIVE MAN - split 7" w/ Xaphan on Init Rec.
XAPHAN - split 7" w/ Primitive Man on Init Rec.
LA DISPUTE - rooms of the house LP
PLAKKAGGIO HC - Ragazzo Malato (Gli Ultimi cover) split 7" w/ Gli Ultimi on Hellnation Rec.
RUINED FAMILIES - blank language LP on Adagio830
RED HARE - nites of midnight LP on Dischord Rec.
DOWN BUT NOT OUT - caught in the cycle 7" on Painkiller Rec.
BREAKDOWN - running scared LP on Painkiller Rec.
BIO KORROSION - demo 2013
WARFUCK - neantification on Bandcamp
COLUMN OF HEAVEN - failure k7
RYVULET - s/t k7 on Bandcamp

Photo: Column Of Heaven

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